The Most Popular Slots of all Time (and why)

Although ‘and why’ is in parentheses, it is actually the focus of this article. What makes these so good? Why do people coming back for them?

Because despite slots coming out almost on a daily basis, people tend to keep playing the slots they love over and over. Humans are creatures of habit and this is no different than when it comes to slots.

The list we created is totally subjective, but partially based on data. There are for instance big differences between men and women; the latter prefer slots with low volatility, while men are hoping for that high volatility big win. Chances are you had a big win yourself on a slot you played a while ago and therefore have always loved that slot. Nonetheless, if you are in look for a new slot to play. This is a list of the most popular slot games of all time for you to try!

Immortal Romance

Going for ambiance? Immortal Romance has hands down the best soundtrack and vibe ever displayed on a slot. This slot is probably not for everyone, since it’s volatility is rather high. But it does make the wins on this slot legendary, why it is probably one of the favourites of hardcore gamers. 14,000x your bet potential makes sure of that. What is so special furthermore is that you really get to feel with the characters Amber, Troy, Michael and Sarah.

Gonzo’s Quest

Probably the most famous character in the world of casinos. You will see this little Spanish conquistador everywhere on banners and promotions. The gameplay of this Indiana Jones-ish themed slot is quite unique and interactive. With winning lines exploding for new winning lines that also get a multiplier, things can get out of hand real quick for little Gonzo. When released in 2010, this slot became an instant classic and has remained so ever since. Could it be because Gonzo is always there in the screen celebrating every win with you?

Dead or Alive

This game already has a successor, but nothing beats the original. The name of the game couldn’t have been chosen any better; with the high volatility, dead or alive is definitely what this game is. Extremely popular with high rollers and fortune seekers, since you can get 2500x out of a spin. And that is just the base game stats. The bonus game can get you as many as 10,000x your bet. You will not forget your first full line of scatters on this game, that we are sure off!


This one doesn’t need any introduction. Actually, we know that many people are getting really sick of this one, seeing it is almost always on the front page of any casino ever. But let’s face it, it is for good reasons. Starburst is the perfect ‘low volatility game’ that has action almost every spin. The dopamine that releases once you win get’s activated so many times with this game that you are on a constant high.

Game of Thrones

Maybe this is a bit biased due to the series finale airing now, but of all the movie/series inspired slots Game of Thrones by MicroGaming seems to be everyone’s favourite. It is visually impressive when the scatter and bonus symbols roll by, but it can also be very lucrative! The bonus round gives you the option of spinning with one of the noble houses, all with slightly different volatility – Baratheon (8 spins, 5x multiplier), Lannister (10 spins, 4x multiplier), Stark (14 spins, 3x multiplier), Targaryen (18 spins, 2x multiplier). Each of the houses holds the possibility to strike gold, but if you want to go for the big one you choose Baratheon.

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