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  • Sherlock of London Slot

    The most famous detective of all times comes from the victorian age and is making its appearance in the 21st century as a slot character. We expect this Microgaming’s crime themed slot to be an instant player favourite once it releases. So mark 10 july in your calendar, as we will be releasing this game […]

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  • Narcos Video Slot is coming to PowerSlots!

    The family is growing every month! We are always looking for exciting slots and we have something special for you today: Narcos video slot. This game from NetEnt (Net Entertainment) has a medium to high volatility, meaning it pays out not to often but does pay out big wins! It has been designed with the […]

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  • Game of Throne Slots: Choose your Path

    The HBO series themed slots have proven a hit. Like Vikings Slot, the Game of Thrones slot is breaking records. Not many people know this, but in 2014 MicroGaming released not one, but two Game of Thrones slots! Let’s dissect them and see which one is the better slot for you to play: The differences […]

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  • Top 5 Slots for Women

    When we wrote this, the discussion started if there is even such a thing as specific slots for women. Our assumptions are based on the data we’ve seen and our in no way attempts to force women (or men) into a certain stereotype. So what did we see in the data? That women statistically play […]

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  • The Most Popular Slots of all Time (and why)

    Although ‘and why’ is in parentheses, it is actually the focus of this article. What makes these so good? Why do people coming back for them? Because despite slots coming out almost on a daily basis, people tend to keep playing the slots they love over and over. Humans are creatures of habit and this […]

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  • Your Guide to Casino Bonuses!

    This week we’ll discuss how you can get maximum profit out of your casino bonuses! Let us first explain the concept of bonuses: We as a casino need to compete with other casinos for players like yourself. You as a player simply have a lot of options to choose from, and just like buying new […]

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  • How to win at low volatility slots

    For most casual players, low volatility slots are the best way to get the best out of your buck while maintaining most of your balance. For those of you that don’t know: low volatility means that a slot will payout often, but will payout small amounts. High volatility on the other hand means that the […]

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