Top 5 Slots for Women

When we wrote this, the discussion started if there is even such a thing as specific slots for women. Our assumptions are based on the data we’ve seen and our in no way attempts to force women (or men) into a certain stereotype.

So what did we see in the data? That women statistically play more low volatility slots, play for smaller amounts than men and are more loyal to a slot once they found something they like. All good qualities if you ask us!

For those women who haven’t found a slot they like or are looking for a new favourite we have come up with this list of top 5 slots for women. You can find all of these slots on Power Slots of course! And the best of all is that you can play these with our welcome bonus package that consists of:

100% match bonus up to $/£/€200 on your 1st Deposit

Browser & Smartphone gaming

Console and PC gaming is specifically targeted at men for the majority of times, thus making browser games that can be played on your smartphone more interesting for women. All games on Power Slots can be played using your mobile phone! Did you know almost half our players are women?! We believe you will find these slots the most interesting:

Crystal Lotus

This game is a delight to your screen! It is one of the latest additions to our collection and already a worthy successor of the evergreen Starburst! This game from Eyecon got a high 96.51% payout percentage combined with a low volatility.

Even if things don’t go the way as planned, you can be sure that you will be able for a long time with only a small amount. While still being able to win big! Crystal Lotus offers a max of 1500x your bet!


This teddy bear knows his way with women. And we love it! He is just adorable and cheeky at the same time. This game has a high chill factor, being situated in a couch.

Like any flirtatious bear, Ted gives you a lot of wins to get on your good side. This is a low volatility slot, so no worries about having to deposit often. The payout percentage is 95,8% and there is a nice jackpot of 500x your stake.

Immortal Romance

Theme can be very important and when you can witness a love theme while playing slots…Sounds pretty good right?! Especially when it is forbidden love. Enter Immortal Romance; a Twilight/True Blood-ish love story about a young girl and two vampires.

This theme seemed to be popular for a couple of years, but Immortal Romance and Bloodsuckers are the only ones good enough to survive the hype. Notably, this dark soul slot has a payout percentage of 96,86%!! This is the only slot on our list with high volatility; not for the faint of heart!


Speaking of themes: bridesmaids has been a favourite because of the team for many! Also because so much of the hit movie comes back in the slot game. With Friendship Free Spins, Boutique bonuses and Magic Moments Bonuses; playing this game every day will feel like a wedding day!

This Microgaming slot has a great payout between 96-97% and has a medium volatility, making it a bit more exciting than for instance Crystal Lotus. But not such a risk as Immortal Romance.

Game of Thrones

With season 8 reaching a climax, this slot is becoming more popular every day. Though this is a favourite of both men and women, it is just too good not to put in our list.

The music, the characters; it’s just reliving the series while winning! One of our players wrote ‘I got many times 5 scatters and many time wild reel in 4 reels. Great music great graphic great game.’ Things can get hot even for the unburned and her dragons with a great 96-97% payout!

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