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Are you thinking about starting to play on an online casino? Good choice! Before you start you have to decide what kind of deposit methods you are gonna use for your payments and withdrawal method for your winnings! This is important because it can net you some cash and it can save you precious time of processing.

So if you don’t feel like reading any further because you just feel like playing, the baseline is this: all the payment services listed on Power⚡Slots are totally safe and legit, you literally can’t go wrong in choosing one of them. But, if you are looking for convenience and the best rates; we advice you to read further.

Many deposit methods to choose from

And everyone of them has their advantages and disadvantages. As a great football player once said: every advantage has its disadvantage. There are some advantages I think we all agree on are nice to have. Namely a short process time and low fees.

But even here there are things to consider: at higher fee, there is usually some kind of credit arrangement and insurance to your purchases.

A longer process time could mean less mistakes. So as you see, there is more than meets the eye when choosing a new online casino payment and withdrawal method! Luckily, Power⚡Slots will explain all the methods and what they have going for them.

Online Pay Via Phone (Mobile Billing) Casino

Who could have known that your phone bill would serve as a short term credit card?! By using PayViaPhone to deposit on Power⚡Slots casino, you simply pay at the end of the month when your phone bill is automatically taken off your bank account. It works similar to buying in the Play or App Store.

We also offer Deposit Limits and a Max Deposit Amount in collaboration with payment providers. This way you’ll never lose track of your spendings. Play responsibly!

Online Credit Cards Casino

Mastercard and VISA have been serving the world with credit and payment services since the fifties! No wonder that they are really good in what they are doing and a widely accepted all around the globe. In terms of fees, Mastercard and VISA are at the higher end of the spectrum, but they do offer quite a bit in return. In terms of billing, credit and insurance of purchases, the credit cards rank among the best payment services out there. Ideal for online casino usage!

Online e-Wallet Casino

Imagine going to the store to purchase some groceries. You are standing at the register and the employee asks for €23,70. You dig into your pocket and take out your passes, drivers license, some coins and bills and throw it on the register. Only then you start looking for the right amount of money. Seems crazy right? Well, that is exactly what we do online! We have our digital documents laying around everywhere and when we need ‘m for a purchase, we start digging on the C Disk. Some bright minds recognized this problem and came up with a solution. The e-wallet! A place where your money and official papers can be stored safely. Where you can make payments, transfer money, exchange currencies and ship products. Everything at a very reasonable fee. Ideal for playing on online casinos! Let your phone become your e-wallet!


PayPal has come to Power⚡Slots for UK players! We are happy to tell you that you can now play with protection over your purchases without having to have a creditcard! If you are not familiar with PayPal, allow us to explain! In 1998 an unknown guy called Elon Musk invented a online payment service called X.com. In the year 2000, they rebranded it too PayPal. Since then, this deposit method has taken the (casino) world by storm. It’s really easy to use, you just need an emailadress to make payments once your account is confirmed!

Online Bank Transfer Casino

Not everyone has the knowledge or gadgets to use the fancy payment services (just joking, they are all very easy to use!), so for some people a simple Bank Transfer is still the easiest way to play on an online casino. And why not? There are quite some benefits: fees of transfer to casino from bank are really low and you don’t need any external service that can jeopardize the payment! Are there any disadvantages? Well, banks used to be quite slow with their transfer processing, but thanks to digitalization and IBAN those days are long gone!

Online Bitcoin Casino

Bitcoin Casino, you probably heard the term before. No wonder; bitcoins are hot! That is also why we aren’t a Bitcoin Casino YET. Once we are sure Bitcoin is here to stay, is completely safe and balances in worth, we are sure to add this new method to our extensive list. We are very enthusiastic about the blockchain technology and are curious which direction it will head. For sure the casino business will get a boost from it and Bitcoin!

What Casino payment method fits your playstyle?

As you can see listed above, we even offer many more than the ones we discussed! Deposit via iDeal, Trustly, Zimpler, EcoPayz, SoFort, GiroPay, Qiwi, WebMoney, Euteller, UCash, PaySafeCard and Discover! That’s more than 15 methods in total! If you need more information on these methods, simply click on the info button. Now that you know about everything there is to know, you have to ask yourself some questions. Like, what kind of player am I? Am I depositing often, large amounts and do I care about process time and fees? If not, why bother going for a payment service when you can just use a casino instant bank transfer? An online casino is about playing and not about bothering about having access to your funds: we offer the tools, it’s up to you to find the way!

Why choose Power⚡Slots?

Why mess around with crappy games, poor payment services, support that isn’t always available and a casino that’s not optimized for your phone? Exactly, you shouldn’t settle for less then the best when you have the choice! That’s why you are welcome on Power⚡Slots, and to show you are welcome we offer a welcome package consisting of bonuses up to a maximum of €800 with reasonable wagering requirements! Choosing the right payment service might be difficult, choosing the right casino is not; join now!

If you have any problems with depositing funds, don’t worry, you can contact one of our highly trained customer services people 24 hours of the day by email, phone or online chat – Contact Us.

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