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The Games we offer at Power Slots casino are meant to be entertaining and fun. Read our pointers on when the fun stops and what you can do to prevent addition and where you can turn to for help.

Power Slots is dedicated to responsible gaming and the deterrence of gambling by the under-aged, and those defenseless to compulsion.
Power Slots is dedicated to offering its players a fun gaming environment while upholding a responsible gaming online establishment.
Here, you will find information about how to avoid addiction to gambling, self limits and self-exclusion tools available in our games.
You will also be able to find contact information for several national and local gambling assistance organizations and methods for preventing access to gambling sites from your computer.
If you feel concerned about your gaming habits at Power Slots or believe it’s time for a pause, we encourage you to contact customersupport@instantgamesupport.com to issue a self-exclusion period for a short term or a long term.

Refrain from Addiction to Gambling

We urge you to remember that the games we offer at Power Slots are meant to be a form of online entertainment only. Unfortunately, some players may have a disposition for becoming addicted to these types of games and there is a real likelihood that significant losses may be accumulated over the course of time.

We recommend that you keep these facts in mind:

  • Partaking in our online games is for entertainment purposes only. The games should not be perceived as a way to get rich fast or cover debts you may have accrued.
  • Online games are based on chance; there are no guaranteed strategies or methods that will promise you winnings on our site.
  • Never wager more than you are comfortable with losing.
  • Be confident that you desire to partake in online gambling and that the choice is entirely yours, and you are not pressured into playing by your peers.
  • Refrain from attempting to ‘chase’ your losses. You may lose additional funds, by investing more money in the hopes of gaining back your losses from before.
  • Keep track of how much you are spending when you gamble online. Check your games history on a regular basis.
  • Define in advance how long you want to spend in the online casino. Agree to practical limits and stick to them.
  • If your online gaming is getting in the way of your personal life and obligations you may have to others, you may have a problem with gambling. Halt your gambling activities right away and think about a solution.
  • Learn the rules of each game before you play them.


Power Slots allows you to choose a daily, weekly and monthly limit amounts upon registration. The amounts include deposits, wagers and losses you are willing to accrue. Any change you want to make to your limits later on will become effective 7 days after you request them. In addition, you can also set time limits for how long you play. To change your limits, you can go to the “Account”.


A time-out is a feature that can be used if you would like to continue to gamble, but manage it by removing yourself from it for a short period of time. During a time-out, you can block yourself from playing for a set amount of time. 

You can set your time-out period in your Responsible Gaming settings, up to 42 days. Or you can send your request to our Customer Support via e-mail (customersupport@instantgamesupport.com).


You may exclude Yourself from the use of the Services for any definite or indefinite time (or, if Your Account is regulated by the Company’s Gambling Commission online gambling licence – for a minimum period of between six months to 12 months (extendable by You for one or more periods of at least six months each)) via the responsible gaming section in the client interface or by contacting our customer support via (customersupport@instantgamesupport.com), in accordance with Your decision to be provided to the Company. Prior to confirming Your self-exclusion request, You will be provided with information regarding the consequences of self-exclusion. Should You decide to be self-excluded, We encourage You to consider extending Your self-exclusion to other remote gambling operators currently used by You. Any undetermined bets at the time of Your self-exclusion will be settled in the normal way, according to the normal timescales and, if subsequently applicable, winnings paid to You. Any self-exclusion Account blocks cannot be undone during the agreed self-exclusion period.

To Proceed with Self-exclusion, click here


If you are considering self-exclusion, you may wish to register with GAMSTOP. GAMSTOP is a free service that enables you to self-exclude from all online gambling companies licensed in Great Britain. To find out more and to sign up with GAMSTOP please visit www.gamstop.co.uk .

Reality Check

You may set up a reality check timeframe through the responsible gaming screen. Once set, the time that has passed since You started to play the Games within the same session will appear on the screen (the “Timecount”). Once the Timecount will reach the reality check timeframe You have set, You will be prevented from continuing playing the Games during the same session until You acknowledge You wish to continue playing the Games. If You acknowledge You wish to continue playing the Games, Timecount until the next reality check will be reset, and the abovementioned process will recommence. Beginning a new session will cause the Timecount to reset as well. At any point in time, You may change and/or cancel the reality check timeframe, and such change or cancellation will enter into force immediately (and in the case of change – will reset the Timecount).

Help With Gambling Addiction

Below is a list of organizations that can help you to deal with a gambling issue. It’s also worth it to search for local organizations in your area listings or through your family doctor or cultural center:


GamCare http://www.gamcare.org.uk
Tel: 020 7801 7000
Email: info@gamcare.org.uk
Gamblers Anonymous https://www.gamblersanonymous.org.uk
Counselling Services http://www.counselling-directory.org.uk/gambling.html
Gordon House Association https://www.gamblingtherapy.org
Cumbria Alcohol and Drug Advisory Service (CADAS) http://cadas.co.uk/
North East Council on Addiction (NECA) http://neca.co.uk
Options – Southampton Web: http://www.optionscounselling.co.uk/
RCA Trust Email: http://www.rcatrust.org.uk

Internet Filtering Software

An important tool for preventing access to gaming sites is internet filtering software. If you want to block users in your home from using gaming sites, you can try one of the programs listed below.

We display PICS and ICRA labels on our site pages to publicize that our website is for online gambling. Internet filters can pick up on these labels and effectively block users on your computer from entering our sites. Microsoft’s Internet Content Advisor is capable of reading these labels. For more info, please visit https://www.fosi.org/icra.

Underage gaming

Underage gambling is strictly prohibited. You must be over eighteen (18) years old or of legal age as determined by the laws of the country where You live (whichever is higher).

We undertake appropriate age verification checks to ensure that all of our players are of legal age. In case, we are unable to verify the age of the player we will ask for further information to confirm that you are of legal age. Accounts may be suspended until satisfactory proof of age is provided and verified.

Parental Controls

Parental controls are an important way to keep your child safe online. Parental controls are available on most Internet-enabled devices including computers, smartphones, tablets and gaming systems. Parental controls can help reduce the risk of your child encountering inappropriate content when they are online:

Net Nanny – provides a content-control software marketed primarily towards parents as a way to monitor and control their child’s computer activity. See website: www.netnanny.com

Qustodio –  The free version is one of the most comprehensive parental control apps around, enabling you to set rules and time schedules. See website: www.qustodio.com

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  • Can I change my deposit limit once it has been set?

    If you would like to lower your limit you will need to visit the Cashier and under the “Deposit” tab click on the “Set Deposit Limit” link, enter daily, weekly and monthly limit and press “Submit” to confirm.

    If you want to increase your deposit limit simply contact Customer Support and request a new higher limit. You can do this only once within any 24 hour period.

  • How do I play responsibly?

    Keep it fun

    • Playing at an online casino is primarily entertainment. Despite the fact that you can win money from it, you should never think of it as a substitute for a job. Think of it as a visit to amusement park or football match.
    • Play only with money you can afford to miss. That way, winning is a bonus and you can’t lose more than you can afford.
    • Don’t gamble when you are not happy. Gambling does not solve problems.

    Stay in control

    • Make sure you do other things too. Even though gambling is exciting and fun, there are also many other fun things to do. So don’t play every day.
    • Don’t try to win back your losses. The moment you start trying to win back your losses you lose control. Always keep control of your playing behaviour.
    • Play at a trusted casino. Constantly chasing a new casino’s bonus can quickly lead to losing control and more importantly; your trusted casino knows you and can therefore take your playing behaviour into account.

    Take a break

    • Take a break every now and then. Playing without breaks is dangerous and makes you less sharp. If you take a break every now and then, you will see that you make better decisions.
    • Know your limits and stick to them. If you feel your limits are coming into view take a break.

    Seek help and support

    Do you have any questions following the above information or want to know more? Power Slots then ask you to take a look at one of these sites:

    Tel: 020 7801 7000
    Email: info@gamcare.org.uk
    Gamblers Anonymoushttps://www.gamblersanonymous.org.uk
    Counselling Serviceshttp://www.counselling-directory.org.uk/gambling.html
    Gordon House Associationhttps://www.gamblingtherapy.org
    Cumbria Alcohol and Drug Advisory Service (CADAS)http://cadas.co.uk/
    North East Council on Addiction (NECA)http://neca.co.uk
    Options – SouthamptonWeb: http://www.optionscounselling.co.uk/
    RCA TrustEmail: http://www.rcatrust.org.uk
  • Can I self-exclude if I need a break from gambling?

    Users can self exclude by contacting our customer support team. More information on self exclusion can be found in our Responsible Gaming section.

  • How do I limit how much I can deposit each day?

    You can set a daily deposit limit by contacting our customer support team, They will be happy to set a limit for you.

  • How do I manage my gambling budget smartly?
    • Tip 1: Always set your budget before you start playing a slot machine and do not adjust that amount while you are playing. After all, that is never a good sign because it usually means you want to make up for your losses. So what exactly does setting your budget mean? Simple. See how much money you can lose without getting into trouble and, for example, not being able to pay for your groceries afterwards. It is also wise to divide your budget so that you build in some rest between games and don’t lose yourself and your total budget in one round of play.
    • Tip 2: If you have won, resist the temptation to continue gambling with your winnings. Stick to the budget and cherish your winnings.
    • Tip 3: Are you playing on a limited budget? Then choose slot machine or fruit machine with 3 or 4 reels, on which you win smaller amounts but have more chances to win something.
    • Tip 4: Always choose slots with the highest payout percentages! This is the theoretical chance of winning something. In short, the higher the better of course. In fact, this percentage is set at the time the slot machine is built and basically varies between 70% and 98%.
    • Tip 5: Do you have enough budget and dare to take a little risk? Then try playing with a maximum bet of the maximum number of coins on a maximum number of paylines. This will give you a chance to win the highest jackpot if you grab a winning combination!
    • Tip 6: Keep in mind that modern slot machines not only feature fantastic graphics and sound effects, multiple paylines, extra bonus games and symbols, but also the Random Number Generator. This ensures that every slot machine is reliable and fair, as the outcome after each spin is completely random and the chances of winning or losing are always the same. But of course, in theory, this can mean that the time between winning spins is very long, meaning you might just find yourself playing an entire evening without winning anything. In short, where people used to say on slot machines: ‘There’s so much money in there now, it’s going to pay out soon!’, this no longer holds true with these modern slots, of course.
    • Tip 7: Do you play in a regular casino – i.e. not online? Then use your Loyalty Card or Club Card to play on slots. A common myth is that players who do not play with coins but with a card are paid less or have fewer chances. Not only is this untrue, you also miss out on all kinds of promotions and compensation from the casino!
    • Tip 8:At last perhaps the most important tip of all. Never forget that slots and slot machines are pure games of chance, to which no pattern or prediction can be attached. Every outcome during the game is completely independent of previous outcomes. Even if you’re winning all night, never forget that your luck may have just disappeared a round later. And finally, remember that money is not there to gamble with in the first place, so handle it responsibly at every moment. Whether you lose or win.
  • What are the risks of addiction?

    Gambling gives players a thrill and a sense of excitement. This means it can easily progress from occasional gambling to compulsive need to gamble. People with a long history of responsible behaviour can also be vulnerable to developing a serious gambling problem.

    Financial problems are a common consequence of gambling addiction. However, relationship problems, legal problems, job loss, mental health problems and spending too much time online are also common.

    But relationship problems, legal problems, job loss, mental health problems and spending too much time online are also common.

    With online gambling, the risk of gambling addiction is a lot higher due to things like:

    • Anonymity making it easier to hide gambling habits.
    • Faster payouts and more chances to win, leading to instant gratification.
    • Using your mobile to gamble anywhere, anytime.
    • Fast games such as slot games where wins are more frequent.
    • More chances to win big jackpots.

    Gambling licence holders do their best to create a safe gaming environment and want gambling to remain fun for all players above all else. That is why there are tools, such as deposit limits, time limits and product blockers, to complement addiction prevention policies.

    If you or someone is or you know someone with gambling addiction symptoms, you should exclude yourself from all gambling activities. This can be done, for example, via GAMSTOP.

  • What is GAMSTOP and who is it for?

    Maybe you’ve heard of GAMSTOP before. GAMSTOP helps you control your online gambling.

    GAMSTOP is a free service for users. GAMSTOP is available to anyone resident within the United Kingdom (Great Britain and Northern Ireland) only and was founded specifically to monitor and help players who have or are at risk of having gambling problems.

    You can register yourself as a player here. But it is also possible for a casino to notice problematic gaming behaviour among players and then issue a registration.

    GAMSTOP targets both problem gambling and to treat gambling problems. A player who exhibited risky behaviour in the past can register himself as a precautionary measure to get ahead of potential problems.

    If a player is registered as a problem gambler by the casino itself, this is primarily to ensure that things do not get further out of hand. Incidentally, the casino is not obliged to offer help at that point. The ultimate responsibility still lies with the player.

    The big advantage of GAMSTOP is that it is one central register. So for people with gambling problems, it is no longer possible to start with a ‘clean slate’ at a different casino each time. You can find more information about GAMSTOP in on their website.

  • Where can I go with a gambling problem (my own or someone else’s)?

    Need help with a gambling problem (your own or someone else’s)? If so, call: 020 7801 7000 or find more help and information on our Responsible Gaming page.

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