Your Guide to Casino Bonuses!

This week we’ll discuss how you can get maximum profit out of your casino bonuses! Let us first explain the concept of bonuses:

We as a casino need to compete with other casinos for players like yourself. You as a player simply have a lot of options to choose from, and just like buying new clothes you look for a store that offers you the best quality for your money. Or the most clothes for your money or the most famous brand for your money. Just as there are multiple reasons to choose a store for your clothing, there are equally as many reasons to choose for a casino. So casinos like ourselves offer players all kinds of bonuses to convince you to play with us instead of another. This competition is great for you as a player! You are profiting from the crowded casino market.

It is not all hosanna though. Bonuses do not equal free money! If that was the case, casinos would be out of business in no time. So there are certain terms & conditions that apply to the bonuses. Nothing problematic, but it is important that you know what these are!

Understanding bonus terms & conditions

‘Deposit a minimum of £10 and get 100% FREE’. We take this bonus as an example. Let’s say we deposit that £10, now we see £20 on our account. That means our account consists of £10 real money and £10 virtual money. We can’t simply withdraw £20 now, since the latter £10 still needs to be converted to real money. To do this, you have to meet the wagering requirements. These usually consist of a period of time and a multiplier. So for instance, you get 10 days to wager £10 bonus money 30x. So that means that you have to gamble £300 in total. Seems hard when you just have £20 right? Well, luckily it doesn’t mean you have to end up with £300. If you lose £1 on a spin and then win it back on the next spin you will have gambled £2 already. Important to know is that if you fail to meet either of these requirements, your bonus money is lost. The moral of the story is that you always read the requirements before playing.

Meeting the requirements

With that knowledge, that losing £1 and winning £1 back equals wagering, we need to find a slot that lets us win and lose small amounts quick without being too degenerate. Low volatility slots with a high payout percentage. You will find more information on these in this article and we have made a selection for you to get started wagering our own welcome bonus package:

payout cap and local jackpots

Another thing to look out for when playing with a bonus is if your winnings are potentially capped. No deposit bonuses for example usually do not let you win more than four or five times the amount that has been given to you. Don’t go playing any jackpots while this restriction is still live, or you will find yourself eating your hat when you hit that jackpot. Because only a fraction will be paid out to you. As for bonuses without a payout cap restriction that you want to play on a jackpot, there are two sorts of jackpots you can choose from. The so called network bonuses and the local bonuses. The network bonuses are independent of the casino and are hosted by the game developer. Though these jackpots can run in the millions, the odds of winning are quite low. As is the payout percentage. Instead, try playing local jackpots. These usually go up to around 10k or 20k, but are much more accessible. To maximise your chances on winning, bet the smallest amount possible. You will get a chance to win on each spin and though the chances of winning with £1 are 100x higher than winning with 1 penny, it is still better to get 100 spins of 1 penny!

Hopefully this information helps you getting the best value out of your bonuses! Good luck winning!

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