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Power Slots | How To Get Your Bonus
Power Slots | How To Get Your Bonus
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  • How often can I get the casino welcome bonus?

    At each casino, you only get the bonus once. In some casinos, you even have to choose a casino welcome bonus and are thus excluded from other welcome bonuses.

  • Do I need a code for the welcome bonus?

    Some casinos use a code to activate bonuses. However, you do always have to select and activate the bonus manually. A welcome bonus is never just in your account.

  • How to claim Slots welcome bonus in the UK?

    To claim your slots welcome bonus, simply register with Power Slots. Fill in the short form and you will receive a confirmation email or text message on your phone (check spam folder if you don’t receive anything in five minutes).

    Once your account is activated you can choose a preferred payment option from our list and make your first deposit. Boom! You did it! You just received 50 Free Spins on Book of Dead as a slots welcome bonus in the UK! Enjoy!

  • Does every casino have a welcome bonus?

    No. Although it is common, not every casino has a welcome bonus.

  • Can I save the welcome bonus for later?

    The welcome bonus generally applies to your first deposit. In theory, you can delay that first deposit (and thus the welcome bonus), but most players will choose to deposit right away and thus claim the welcome bonus.

  • Where to find the best welcome bonus?

    There is no such thing as THE best or the worst welcome bonus. For example, at one you can get 100% on a deposit up to €100, while at another you can get 200% up to €50. Which one is better? That depends on your preference and playing style. Then you also have to look at the terms and conditions of a casino welcome bonus. So always look for the bonus that suits your budget and playing style!

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