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Slots are rigged, higher winning chance on slots that didn’t payout for some time & Autoplay is less likely to give a win are some of the common myths surrounding slots. Powerslots explains and debunks the most common Slot Myths.

The gambling industry is increasingly growing, especially with the advent of mobile phone use. And the video slots online casino boasts of a high number of punters, reviews, and slots categories popping up daily. With the growing number of slots and players, the myths about video slots keep growing.

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5 Myths About Video Slots Online Casino That Destroy Your Wins

As everyone can now access it from their homes’ comfort, hearsay, word of mouth, and myths have tarnished video slots’ reputation online casinos.

Have you recently heard a claim which questioned your involvement with online casino games? We debunk the common myths so you can enjoy the video slots in peace again.

Myth 1: Video Slots are rigged

The misconception that video slots online casinos are rigged is one of the most widely spread myths. Some people believe that slot machines follow codes that allow users to win and lose during certain times.

That is not true because video slots have certified RNG’s that power the randomly generated reels. Even when you experience a series of wins for a prolonged time, the result is often guided by an estimated payout rate.

Are Online Slots Rigged?

There is a direct and simple answer to this question, and it is NO! We have heard it a lot more times people use this sentence quite often whenever the things do not go on as per their convenience.

As human psychology, we do not examine anything we directly jump and reveal the results as per our mindset. Online slots are one of the growing industries presently. It is an expanded form of casino business through which the owners are earning and players or the fans are able to play it online without any extra effort or expenditure.

While playing the game either online or at stationed places one player loses and other player wins it. But whenever our mind follows or recognizes any repeated pattern or results then we consider it as rigged.

The same scenario is with online slots when either we are not winning since long or we are at the edge of losing everything we had, then while playing gambling, we claim that the platform which we are using is rigged or manipulative or fixed or this particular site or app is rigged.

“Gambling operates under the premise that greed can be satisfied by luck.”

Rita Mae Brown

How to Identify Rigged Online Slots?

Well, there are very fewer opportunities to find any illegitimate online casino site or app, in case you get to know about any of such site, then you can directly write to the Gambling Commission about it, and they will initiate and follow the proper actions.

Methods to prevent yourself from Rigged online slots.

There are many ways from which you can prevent yourself from playing on any rigged online casino site. Some of them are described as:

  • You can depend upon the blacklists
  • Check the reviews of the website
  • If you have any doubt you can ask for the certificates

It is quite certain that the online casinos which have their random number generators cannot be rigged. The series of numbers which is generated through this software is independent of any other series of numbers.

The series which has come upon 3rd slot is neither dependent on 2nd slot nor the 4th slot is dependent on this one. In case you ever notice or recognise that same of the pattern is coming up since last 4-5 or 6 rounds, then my dear friend it is just the coincidence and it only proves that probability exists.

Why Power Slots online slots are not rigged

We at Power Slots casino have an appropriate online gambling license, which is given after the several strict testing and assessment procedures.

Online casino software appears in numerous questioning and proving rounds even before applying for an online gaming license to the UK Government. You will be glad to know that Gambling authorities and Government conduct proper and brutal analysis just to make sure that the fair game will be played and no dishonesty will be practiced.

After that casino receives its random number generator certificate marked as fair. Once the casino owner has the certificate then only he is eligible to apply for an online gaming license.

Our Power Slots casino software has undergone and has faced all rigorous and continuous examinations and cleared all of them with flying colors. However, the Gambling Commission constantly monitors the operating software and the random number generators to assess and make sure that the standards are still maintained and no frame of dishonesty or cheating is been practiced.

Myth 2: Higher winning chance on slots that haven’t made jackpot payout

Any video slots online casino doesn’t follow a defined path or rule in allowing punters to win. Instead, everything relies on probability. If, for instance, a slot game is coded to make jackpot payouts at 30% probability, it will always do so, regardless of the number of plays that have occurred.

Myth 3: Your winning chances can’t be improved

Even though video slots online casino payouts are randomly generated, it’s possible to improve your winning chances. Note that the video slot results can never be altered. However, the chances of attaining desired results can be improved. It all lies in luck and probability.

An important factor to note is that every slot comes with different payout rates. Additionally, the bonuses present a better chance of winning as you get extra money for extra spins.

Myth 4: Autoplay is less likely to give a win

Most players tend to scare easily when it comes to enabling autoplay as they believe they’ll make more losses than wins. More losses often occur with autoplay because the slot has a higher play speed.

The RNG is enabled in autoplay, which means the chances of getting a win are equal, whether autoplay is on or off.

Myth 5: Promotions Tend To Give More Wins

Remember that casinos are very conscious of their profits. They wouldn’t create a promotion that siphons their margins. Tournaments and promotions are used by video slots online casinos to market themselves by making punters believe they’re more likely to win.

Since the RNG always has the same winning probability as before, your winning chances are always constant.

There are many others myths that you’re aware of yourself that weren’t mentioned. Don’t hold on to these misconceptions about video slots online casinos as they’ll only make it more challenging to win due to following a strategy that doesn’t hold water.

Myth 6: Slots pay more at night

Slots are increasing in popularity by day. But that wasn’t the case. Some years back, slots were targeting women and the elderly. No one, including casino managers, took slot games or their players seriously. However, it started changing in the ’90s. Now, the slots gamblers dominate the industry.s a gambler, you want maximum winnings on your bet. For this to happen, you need to know several facts about the machines. For example, when’s the best time to place a wager? And do slots play more at night among other factors.

What is a Perfect Slot Machine?

Well, there are many myths and theories about the perfect slot machine. But, the best machine pays higher amounts or has high RTP.
RTP, also known as return to player, describes the sum of invested money that gets back to the player. It’s expressed in percentages. An ideal RTP is between 92% and 97%.

What does this mean? Will you win 92% of the time you place a wager? It’s not even a guarantee that you’ll win at all.
Winning in slot machines is determined by a Random Number Generator (RNG). You cannot influence the results of any game. If you’re gambling online, you can alter the size of your bet or the pay lines. Doing so increases the potential payout and not winning possibilities.

Empty or Crowded Casinos

The day and time might influence the results of a slot game. Jackpots tend to increase as more and more people place their wager. But the reality is, a slot game jackpot can occur at any time.

As more people play the casino, the number of jackpot winnings increase. However the chances of winnings per player doesn’t change.
In an online slot, several gamblers can play one game at the same time. As such, the RTP percentage is higher. Boost your winning chances by placing a wager in several but successive games.

When’s the Best Time to Play?

There are several myths regarding the best time to play slots. But not anymore! Here’s an explainer. Yes, several gamblers believe that playing at certain times influences the outcome of a game. Others believe that it doesn’t alter the outcome. So, who’s right and who’s wrong?

Well, consider the RTP. It doesn’t change irrespective of the time or game. With RTP, there’s no best time to play as the winning chances remain constant.

But before starting think about the best time to play, makes a gambling budget. Follow your budget, that’s the only way to avoid wastage of resources. Don’t use money that’s meant for other projects to gamble.


Gamblers are split on whether there’s an ideal time to stake their money for higher winnings. The truth is, RTP doesn’t change at any time of day or night.

Yes, the number of jackpot winnings might increase during the weekends or at night. That’s because several gamblers play this slot game. But their individual RTP remains the same.

But don’t forget, stick to your gambling budget.

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