How to win at low volatility slots

For most casual players, low volatility slots are the best way to get the best out of your buck while maintaining most of your balance. For those of you that don’t know: low volatility means that a slot will payout often, but will payout small amounts. High volatility on the other hand means that the slot won’t payout often at all, but can payout as much as 1000x your bet when it does. The latter is considered more risky, but can be more rewarding. It demands more from your budget and should only be played when you are sure you can miss the money.

The downside of low volatility though is that it is hard to get that winning feeling and get ahead. It is a reason that sooner or later players switch to slots with higher volatility, even when they can’t always afford it. If you are playing low volatility slots and are thinking of scaling up without really sure of having the budget for it, please consider these tips instead:

Quit while you are ahead

This seems a bit like a cliché, but hear us out. Getting ahead with a low volatility slot isn’t really difficult, but getting way ahead is. It is also quite hard to make up for losses with one big win. If you agree with yourself that you quit every time you peak in getting the better of the payout percentage, you should get ahead on the long run. Due to the many small wins, there is almost always a moment where you get over your starting 100%.

Every (tenth)percent counts

When your playing high volatility slots, it doesn’t really matter if you are playing a slot with 96,10% or 96,50% payout. You either win the big one, or you don’t. With low volatility every (tenth)percent really counts. Do your research and see if you can really scrape the bottom of that win percentage!

Use Low Volatility to wager

There are multiple ways to handle the wagering requirements that come attached to a bonus. Though some people are convinced that you should play a high volatility slot and hope you hit big before the bonus dries up, we think this strategy makes you play very irresponsible. The whole idea of a bonus isn’t to just lose it in a couple of spins right? Instead, play an extreme low volatility slot. 50 x wagering means that you have to replay every free £/€ 50 times. Thanks to the nature of low volatility, you are losing and winning with almost every spin. Not losing or winning a whole lot. Best case you double or triple your bonus, worst case you lose half or most of it. But you will meet the requirements without risking of losing a lot more than the bonus!

Learn how a slot works (for free)!

Every slot has a unique mechanic. Developers are trying harder and harder to come up with advanced techniques that will excite players, but also take some time to learn. Luckily, you can find free versions of all the slots in our casino and read about them in our blog. Once you notice how scatter symbols, paylines and bonus symbols work you are ready for the real deal!

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