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Everyone probably knows that online slots are built to randomly grant slot machine wins with the previous outcomes not affecting the next. As such, most players often choose to use a simplified strategy and enjoy the reels spin.

How Does Hit Rates Affect Your Slot Machine Wins?

Even though the nature of winning is random, several factors define how the wins are generated. And hit rate is one of them. Hit rate or hit frequency is often concealed as volatility, RTP, or house edge.

What’s a hit rate?

The hit rate is a straightforward concept to understand compared to other elements that online slot games use to calculate payout rates. In simple terms, a hit rate is a probability of an online slot hitting a payout combination instead of hitting nothing.

In reality, you stand a higher chance of losing in every round as opposed to winning. The hit rate is calculated according to any formation of a landing bonus or winning combo features. As such, the payout clusters awarding less than stake placed are critical also.

For example, a $10 bet round can produce a $5 worth winning combination. Even though the reel gives you a payout, you’ll still lose $5. Nevertheless, that round will be counted towards your hit rate, even if the placed stake does not win.
There are so many online slot games, and this results in rather extensive hit rates. The rate at which players land on wins varies from a slot game to another, with some slots issuing higher rewards than others.

More than often, online slot games show hit rates ranging between 20 percent and 30 percent. And the chances of awarding a winning cluster increase as the percentage gets closer to 30. Many online slot gaming software providers conceal the information about hit rates with each release. Players are therefore left on their own to figure out how often an online slot pays.

Other factors to watch out for

Apart from the hit rate, most online slot players also consider other factors before deciding to settle on a particular slot. These include:

The variance rating

Variance rating is also referred to as volatility and refers to an online slot’s likelihood to do payouts on a smaller scale. It also determines the range in which the payout will fall.

Payout value

The hit rate also affects the slot machine wins. And you can easily predict a slot machine hit rate through its paytable. When a slot has higher payouts, it’s more likely to have lower hit rates and vice versa.

Jackpot value

Just as the payouts, jackpots also can determine a slot’s hit rate. In essence, the slots with massive jackpot values often offer lower hit rates. Any slot offering jackpots that are up to $100,000 and above will issue a lower hit rate.

The chances of getting a winning combo are even slimmer when the jackpot value goes higher. Even if the slot machine wins are enormous in the long run, a slot game is more likely to issue fewer payouts in a short stretch.
Other elements worth considering include bonus features. If an online slot game has so many attractive bonuses such as wilds, free spins, and bonus games, their hit rate is more likely to be lower.

When selecting the best online slots platform, it’s worth looking at its hit rate keenly. Also, don’t forget to look at other essential parameters such as jackpot value, payout value, and volatility. A high hit rate does not necessarily mean that your slot machine wins will be enormous.

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