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Scratch cards are one of the most common forms of gambling. A lot of people that do their grocery shopping like to take home a scratch card. The cards have been around since the 80’s and are known for their instant satisfaction. Also known as Lottery Scratch Off Tickets and instant win games, these scratch cards are famous and popular worldwide.

We had good news for all those people who like to play scratch cards, because you don’t have to go out to get them anymore! You can simply login on Power Slots and play scratch cards with 50 Free Spins on Book of Dead on your first deposit instantly!

If it starts to itch, start scratching!

Did you know the original name for the game was scratching games? It resembles what you are actually doing, scratching a card and hoping you are in luck.

In you don’t have to scratch anymore and get your nails dirty, but let the computer do the work for you by the click of a mouse. Recently we have even seen a crossover between slots and scratch cards; that is how popular they are!

Scratch Cards International

Since the digitalization scratchcards is no longer a valid name, but let’s face it, it has a better ring to it than ‘swipe screen’.

The great thing about online scratchcards is that there are many to choose from. You can simply try them in demo mode, without risking any money.

Find your favourite and start scratching…eeh clicking..swiping. Well, you get our point;)

Online Casino Scratch

In the old days, a lottery had to look at your winning scratch card. That you sometimes had to send by mail! Imagine posting a letter that contains a €10,000 winning lottery card. You won’t sleep for three nights! Online casino scratch cards do not only tell you instantly if you won, the money is also instantly added to your balance.

Is it possible to play scratch cards online?

Yes! You can get the same scratch card experience in your house or anywhere on your phone as you would get in the store. And without getting dirty fingernails or waiting in line every time you feel like playing.

There is also no litter involved. Which is nice especially if you play a lot. You will find our collection of cards simply in the Power Slots designated game category. Enjoy!

The history of scratching

In 1974, someone had the brilliant idea to create the scratch card. It served as a lottery, but the big upside was that you did not have to wait for your prizes. And if you didn’t win, you could simply purchase another. The prizes started off small at first, but after becoming vastly popular lotteries started printing tickets with bigger and bigger numbers.

At a certain point, these little cards that you could pick up from the supermarket could make you a millionaire before you even left the store. Starting in 2010, online casinos started offering a digital version of scratch cards. They have been popular, especially on mobile casinos like ours, because it takes just a minute to play them. Making them ideal for a meeting and lunch!

Can you play online scratch cards for free?

That is a good question! And the short answer is: yes, you can! You can play our demo cards and decide after whether you want to play for money. The follow up questions is can you play online scratch cards for free and win real money? The answer to this question is a bit more difficult, but in a way you can.

How does it work? If you sign up to Power Slots and you make your first deposit, you will receive a bonus of 50 Free Spins on Book of Dead that you can use to play scratch cards for free! You can also use this bonus to play other games such as slots and table games. You are in control!

What kind of scratch card games can I find on Power Slots?

For all you scratching fans out there we have selected a nice collection of scratch card games on Power Slots including Cricket Star Scratch, Lost Vegas Survivors Scratch and Lost Vegas Zombies Scratch; many different themes for you to enjoy. You can always play them one after another.

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