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Did you know ALL games on Power⚡Slots are mobile casino games? That’s right! As long as your phone supports HTML5, which all modern phones do, you are fully eligible to play! This adds a whole new dimension to online casino games. Instead of sitting at home behind your pc, you can play while waiting for a train or in the dentist’s room. Thanks to our multiple mobile payment services, you can also pay and withdraw with your mobile phone! In other words; with Power⚡Slots you have an entire casino experience in your pocket!

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Mobile Casino Slot and Table Games

We are mainly a slots casino and proud of it! That doesn’t mean that we neglect table games though; on the contrary! In NetEnt we’ve found a partner that hosts the most incredible LIVE casino experience you will come across. Next to our many variants of regular blackjack, roulette and baccarat, we offer all of these games live on your mobile phone! With actual dealers; how cool is that?! Be sure to have sufficient data or log in on a (secured) wifi network, live streaming does slurp up a sufficient amount of megabits.

Last but not least, let’s not forget the people who are a fan of scratch card games. We’ve thought about you; no worries! With about fifteen scratch card games, there is more than enough for any mobile scratch card fanatic out there!

Power Slots jackpot games

Become a millionaire using nothing more than your mobile phone with Power⚡Slots! MicroGaming is the main supplier of many of our mobile jackpot slot games, though not the only one. Get lucky and never work a single day in your life again! Sounds like a dream and to many it is, but it is also an actual possibility!

But everything is not about money. No, really. We also find it important that our players have a FUN experience and a safe mobile casino experience. Power⚡Slots  to ensure you the highest level of licensing. You can count on our software being SSL-Encrypted, meaning people cant look over your shoulder when you are entering your personal information. Do remember not to play on our casino on an open wifi network!

As for fun; our rich collection of mobile games guarantee that you will enjoy yourself! There is something for everyone. High Payout slots from multiple providers with low, medium and high variance. You can also pick your slot based on theme. You will find that our slots are really diverse in theme as well as gameplay.

Understanding Jackpot Slots

Every player should know there are different kinds of jackpots when looking for a new slot game to play. Some jackpots are no more than very big wins. Nothing to sneeze at, but they won’t make you instantly rich. Jackpots that can make you an instant millionaire are called progressive jackpots. So, what is a progressive jackpot? And why aren’t we all playing to win one of those? Could there be a downside?

A jackpot built into a local game is on the expense of a casino and is usually not more than €/$ 50.000. A screen full of wild symbols in a bonus game can be considered by some as a jackpot. The term is thus not bound by any set of rules. What one describes as a jackpot, the other might not. Progressive jackpots are a different kind though. When won, they are not paid out by the casino but rather by the game publisher like NetEnt or Microgaming. All slots on all casinos have a chance of winning the same jackpot and with every spin on that specific slot, you and everybody anywhere in the world playing, is contributing to the growth of the jackpot. The downside is that the regular RTP is some percent points lower than average as the contribution to the progressive jackpot has to be paid.

TIP: don’t think that every spin has the same chance on the jackpot, regardless of the stake. The more you bet, the bigger the chances of winning. Although you can argue that spinning 100x$1 gives you a better chance than spinning 1x$100.

The biggest progressive jackpot

So how much can you actually win? Well, let’s look at examples from history. In case you wonder, The Guinness World Record for the biggest online slot win is currently £13.2 million, which is close to $20 million, which was won by British Jon Heywood in 2015 on the Mega Moolah slot. There are many more success stories, as progressive jackpots have become quite popular recently. The biggest jackpots though are still won in Las Vegas. The so-called Megabucks Jackpot is especially famous.

What is the RTP of progressive jackpot slots?

The problem with return to players for progressive jackpots is that the figure is influenced by that one jackpot winner. So in general you could say the RTP of progressive jackpot slots is lower than average as every contributes a bit toward the jackpot, but moreover the volatility of jackpot slots is on the very high side. If you win the jackpot, your RTP is basically 1.000.000%, if you don’t, chances are the RTP is good below 90%. If you play on jackpot slots, play it with the jackpot in mind and not because you want to get ahead a bit or play even.

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