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#OneSlotADay Hold the Safe Slot is a hidden gem. Hidden in the safe that is;) Not a popular slot, but you have to give it a chance! Worth it! Payout: 96.30%, Volatility: Medium

Hold the safe will surprise you!

First spin was a bingo: bonus game thanks to three bonus (safe) symbols. Wow! I thought; this is gonna be great! The bonus game was only three spins though and I hardly won anything. After this exciting start, the game went boring for some 100 spins! I was losing money fast and I was writing about how you should never play this game. Then I started hitting diamond symbols, that trigger free spins and retrigger quite easily. You can hit 50 free spins when you are lucky and the diamonds are worth quite a lot. Suddenly, when I was just about to give up, I couldn't stop winning and we ended up with quite the win! As for the bonus game, you get 3 spins but if you find another bonus symbol you retrigger the 3 spins again. This game is all about stacking!

So why isn't this slot really popular?

Hold the Safe from Eyecon is a pretty straightforward slot. Besides the two mini games there is not much going on. If you manage to activate a bonus feature and you don't retrigger a couple of times, it still feels a bit underwhelming. That makes this game a bit all or nothing. When it is cool it is really cool, but when it's boring it is really boring. We do think you should try it for yourself though. The golden bars, diamonds and jewelry are pretty cool actually. So playing this game once for the vibe, hitting those retriggered bonuses and wilds and then get on to the next game; sounds like a plan right?

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