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Just for this page, we turn this place of fun and games into a Wikipedia. Why? Cause we think it helps people if they have some background information when making decisions like depositing, registering or claiming a bonus. A well informed player can avoid common mistakes, so why shouldn’t you?! Lot’s of the casinos mentioned in this article are our competitors, but we try to be so objective as possible in our information. And why shouldn’t we; were all in this together right?! Many of these casinos have earned there tracks, just like us; did you know we have been around since 2012 already? Let’s start with a list of online casinos that have been a huge inspiration to us, making PowerSlots to the casino that it is today!


Who said you need a slick design or clear interface to be successful? Who said a casino has to focus on casino games? While we follow both these principals, LadBrokes prove they aren’t conditions to be loved by players. LadBrokes is all over the place with their casino, and we are loving it! They offer sports betting, lottery, casino games, bingo, poker; you name it! Because what stands out above all with ladbrokes is that they really like what they do! Though when you read the latest reviews on AskGamblers, you’ll find that the general consensus is that LadBrokes was a to-go-to casino, but has been caught up by the competition. Players are annoyed by the clunky site and the stripped down VIP Bonus program. Time will only tell if LadBrokes Casino will remain a force in the industry.

The casino has a crazy withdrawal limit of  250.000 UK pounds per day. The casino has recently been taking over by a third company program, unfortunately the players have been much more pessimistic about the casino ever since. If you looking for a similair experience as on Ladbrokes, word on the street is you are better off at Power⚡Slots!

888 Casino

Being a mainstay in the industry doesn’t always have to be an advantage as we’ve seen with Ladbrokes. The same can be said for another mammut from the old age of online casino; 888 Casino. Starting their business all the way back in 1997, they have been a mainstay ever since. Unlike Ladbrokes, 888 Casino is a casino in the purest sense of the word. And unlike Ladbrokes, 888 Casino have been doing their best to improve on design and interface. One thing that makes 888 Casino stand out is their content. The blogs, guides and other tools for players are considered very valuable and of high quality. Though there is enough to improve here still; players complain about slow support and slow payout.

mFortune Casino

mFortune is a casino that has influenced Power⚡Slots directly. Starting off in 2007, they are among the first that had that slots-mobile combination. Focussing on the UK players, they invest a lot in creating a bond with their customers. Cheques above £2000 are given in person and if you like, you can share your story on their website. mFortune casino was among the first to give insight in what people could earn on each game. Something we adapted by showing you the RTP ratio and the size of the progressive jackpots. It is a shame that mFortune isn’t open to players from other countries, but luckily (if we may be so modest) we are a good alternative!


Finally, we have come to a casino that can truly be called a modern casino. If you compare VideoSlots and Power⚡Slots, you will see a lot of similarities. They (we) both have an interface designed for mobile play. Not surprisingly, we are both quite ‘young’ casinos, having been established 2011 (VideoSlots) and 2012 (PowerSlots); even the names sound the same! The difference between Power⚡Slots and VideoSlots is that we focus more on adrenaline rush games. We have a smaller selection of games, but our games all get you to sit on the edge of your seat! Not everyone prefers this, but we know those of you who like action do!

We can still recommend VideoSlots since they take complaints from quite serious. Like us, they believe helping players is the most important job of a casino. On AskGamblers they have 18 of 19 complaints resolved; that is a score to be proud off!


Talk about an online casino that has made a name for themselves by offering something unique! EuroCasino has their daily jackpot that has become a mainstay and an all time favourite for many players. It swings about €2k to about €5k every day and is guaranteed to payout before 23.59. Besides this daily treat there is the ongoing quick jackpot that pays before reaching €500, the super jackpot that pays before reaching €100.000k and a mega jackpot that can reach millions! On AskGamblers, this casino has a great reputation with little complaints and lots of loyal players. With special prizes like a fully paid trip to the formula 1 race in Monaco for instance, it’s not surprising that this casino is one of the favourite among players everywhere.

Casinos have triggered the imagination of people for almost a century. To name just a few movie titles where a casino was the stage: Ocean’s Eleven with Brad Pitt (and many others), Casino Royale with James Bond, 21, Leaving Las Vegas, Showgirls, Now you see me, High Roller, Rat Race; the list goes on and on, all the way back to 1941 with The Shanghai Gesture. In itself, Vegas, Atlantic City, Monte Carlo and Macau have become pieces of culture by themselves.

Though these places will continue to be an inspiration, the younger generations feel less attracted to the glitter and glamour than their parents did. Online has become the new magic word, online and mobile. So you can imagine why PowerSlots is so popular. We offer a whole new casino experience, regardless your location! Play on the bus, in the train, while waiting for a flight; play the latest games with the slickest graphics everywhere!

The future of online casinos

Technology moves fast and so do (online) casinos. Who would have thought twenty years ago that you could be playing all your favourite games on your mobile phone? Who could have thought that you would be playing slots in 3D? On the other hand; slots are not so different than the slots of fifty years ago and the same goes for blackjack, roulette and baccarat. And to be honest, we hope it will stay like this for a long, long time! That doesn’t mean we don’t want or expect innovations! We’ll see a much more integrated VIP loyalty system in the future that is more fair and less random (good news!), casinos that remember your preferences, more transparant regulations, better player protection; indeed we think the future will be bright for all people who like to play casino games from time to time!

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