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Popular Slots that you probably heard of but never tried

Did you ever had someone come up to you and say: ‘you should really watch this series, or read this book, or visit this place’? We all did and we replied with: ‘let me write that down, I will.’ The paper on which you wrote it obviously got lost and you never watched the series, read the book of visited the place. Sounds familiar? We all had this experience, multiple times. Except for a few people that you deem intelligent enough to recommend something, you ignore all these well meant advises. Right?

You should really play these popular slots

Here we are, telling you that you should play these popular slots. And here you are, thinking ‘yeah, right’. But just give us a second to convince you, because we don’t tell you that these slots are popular; we can prove it! The list of games you see here below are the result of what all our players have been playing for years. This list is a data driven accumulation of more than 100.000k players.

Our personal favourite

Out of these 850+ slots that we are offering, what is our personal favourite? A daring question, since we know many of you will not agree. But without further ado, the slot that we have put most hours in is definitely Thunderstruck 2 from Microgaming. There, we said it. Countless hours have been spend pretending to be a viking. And it was great!

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