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New slots, newer slots, newest slots

Some players get bored fast, some people have played all slots, some people get excited for new mechanics and features and some people just want the latest of the latest because they can. Whatever your reason may be, we understand your craving for new slots and we aim to satisfy: each month we are updating our games collection with new slots, new tablegames and new bingo games. When choosing games to add, we always take their mobile responsiveness into consideration. In other words, we want all of our games to be played on all devices.

Not just NetEnt and Microgaming

An important reason for people to play new slots at Mobile Wins is that we offer slots from a large variety of publishers. Not just NetEnt and MicroGaming. In total, we have games from over 20 game developers on our platform for you to enjoy. So if you are looking for something new, something really new that you can’t find anywhere else.. Well, this is the online casino to find it!

Progressive or classic

What is your cup of tea? We are adding new progressive jackpot slots as well as classic slots on regular basis. We try to get some variance in three, five and even six or seven reel slots as well as the number of paylines and volatilty. There are so many ways in which you can rediscover the slots experience that you can wonder whether you really need new slots to get a new experience. But just to be sure, we are adding them every month anyway;)

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